All hail Melbourne!

8 Responses to “All hail Melbourne!”

  1. Sandy wrote:

    I was near Chadstone when the hailing starts. It was horrifying hearing the sound when the hail hit the car roof. What is happening to our sewage system?

  2. kendall wrote:

    It was loud enough on my balcony – I’m glad I wasn’t in a car! Most of the flooding has gone from my intersection, but I know there are much worse intersections around town, so I hope they clear quickly too.

  3. Sandy wrote:

    It was flooding around Chadstone too and I heard from my dad that it was flooding inside the shopping center too…hahaha What a day!!

  4. kendall wrote:

    It looks like it was definitely flooding in Chinatown – the water was really flowing quickly:

  5. Quang wrote:

    Those scenes are unbelievable, especially that water flow! The drains need to be cleared.

  6. kendall wrote:

    I don’t think any drains could have kept up with the rain that was failing at the time! But it all cleared reasonably quickly, although as I look out now there’s still a little “snow” on the rooftop opposite my balcony :)

  7. Kerryn wrote:

    I love the chivalrous piggybacking :o)

  8. kendall wrote:

    I thought the same – they looked like they were having as much fun as possible, given the conditions!

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