The food of Chinese New Year

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  1. Pei wrote:


    You are making me very hungry, and I only just had breakfast!

  2. kendall wrote:

    Ha ha, I was telling my colleagues at work about the sweet and sour meatballs this afternoon and they were intrigued. I’m still not sure about spicy breakfasts though!

  3. Sandy wrote:

    FOOOOOOOODDDDDDD!!! I missed all the food from GuangZhou now T____T
    Have you tried sour plum sauce goose??? It’s one of my favourite dish. Man, I can’t wait to go back again >__<

    By the way, I understand “suen moi” …hahaha

  4. kendall wrote:

    I haven’t tried sour plum sauce goose – can we get it in Melbourne?

  5. Wentaka wrote:

    Kendall – I’m so jealous!!!
    p.s. dried plum is “suen mui” :)

  6. kendall wrote:

    Glad I could make you jealous! And thanks for the spelling correction :)

  7. Sandy wrote:

    I doubt you can get goose here…..the closest thing we have is duck..haha

  8. kendall wrote:

    I’m pretty sure I couldn’t tell the difference. So where can I get some?

  9. Kendall Lister» Blog Archive » The food preparation of Chinese New Year wrote:

    […] year I recorded some images of the food of Chinese New Year as celebrated here in Seremban, Malaysia. This year, I thought it would be interesting to have a […]

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