The Walls of China at Lake Mungo

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  1. Sandy wrote:

    OMG…It’s so beautiful!!!! Oh I wish I could travel around too~~ Jealous!!!

  2. Sandy wrote:

    Oh, by the way, was that an UFO on your last photo?? :P

  3. kendall wrote:

    You could drive to Lake Mungo comfortably from Melbourne in two days, so if you want to see its beauty, you can! I don’t think UFOs leave contrails, do they? :)

  4. Sandy wrote:

    I wish, but my bf’s brother and his wife’s family is over for a visit so I don’t think he is free. And in movies they do!

  5. Kate wrote:

    Kendall – its so great that you can see the beauty in a lndscape where many would see only ugly barreness. And that you have the skills to share it with the rest of us. Thanks for the priveledge. It could be a UFO :)

  6. Matt Giuca wrote:

    Wow, that’s an impressive landscape, and impressive photography!

  7. Kendall wrote:

    Ok, ok, the tide of public opinion is sweeping me away – it’s clearly a UFO!

  8. Kendall wrote:

    Thanks, Matt! To be honest, I think it would be difficult not to take an impressive photograph of this environment.

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