The Streets of Ao Nam Mao and Ao Nang

Although I’ve shown you a lot of the beautiful beaches in Krabi, I haven’t given you any idea of the street view in either of Ao Nam Mao or Ao Nang, so I flicked through all the photographs I took on my last trip and found these five images. The first shows the street bench with the most peaceful view in the world. The next two show the view walking along the main (only) street in Ao Nang, with the stunning limestone hill (karst? stack?) that stands watch over the town. The final two show Krabi Tropical Beach Resort, the hotel we stayed in, and the main (only) street of Ao Nam Mao, leading to the corner around which is a short strip of food stalls that serve a wonderfully extreme variety of dishes. As I’m writing this, I wish that I had taken more “mundane” photographs of the towns to better show you how they feel.

3 responses to “The Streets of Ao Nam Mao and Ao Nang”

  1. Pei Pei

    Eh, your photos are devoid of people………….. kind of misleading……………… :)

  2. mdenis

    The first photo would make a nice desktop wallpaper, which with my current workload would be the closest I could get to enjoying such serenity. Awaiting your next report.

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