The Streets of Ao Nam Mao and Ao Nang

3 Responses to “The Streets of Ao Nam Mao and Ao Nang”

  1. Pei Pei wrote:

    Eh, your photos are devoid of people………….. kind of misleading……………… :)

  2. Kendall wrote:

    I know, every time I come back from a new city or country I wish I’d taken more “everyday atmosphere” pictures to convey what it’s like to walk around there, but when I’m actually there I feel too self-conscious pulling out my camera at food stalls, cafes, street markets and so on. Next time, perhaps!

  3. mdenis wrote:

    The first photo would make a nice desktop wallpaper, which with my current workload would be the closest I could get to enjoying such serenity. Awaiting your next report.

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