Krabi Above and Below the Water

Pei Pei has already mentioned that she bought me a new waterproof point-and-shoot camera for my birthday this year, specifically for our return to Krabi. The camera’s image quality is not great, as you can see in my previous post, but unlike my DSLR it can record video, which was exciting, and underwater, which is even more exciting.

Turning raw video clips into something worth watching is even harder than processing photographs, but here’s my first video, showing the beaches of Ao Nam Mao and Ao Nang and a few of the local residents of the underwater variety.

Krabi July 2011 from Kendall Lister on Vimeo.

The beautiful scenery of Ao Nam Mao, Ao Nang and Chicken Island, above and below the water.

6 Responses to “Krabi Above and Below the Water”

  1. Denis wrote:

    Looks pretty good. Though you need to add some commentary and then Attenborough better watch out.

  2. Kendall wrote:

    That’s just what the world needs: my David Attenborough impression!

  3. tk wrote:

    human steady cam, awesome!

    i think you need to find better spots with crystal clear waters like sipadan or cebu. even samui’s clearer than krabi.

  4. Kendall wrote:

    Haha, yes, I’m using iMovie and its stabilisation works well sometimes but can’t really be used if the camera is moving because it starts to warp the background. Also, because I wasn’t able to see the camera’s viewfinder I had to film zoomed out and then try to zoom in post-processing, which exaggerates the shakiness. There’s a whole new world of problems to watch out for in video!

  5. Kate wrote:

    Gorgeous – makes me want to go diving right now!

  6. Kendall wrote:

    I’m looking forward to trying a SCUBA course next time – snorkeling just results in drinking too much sea water!

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