Krabi Above and Below the Water

6 Responses to “Krabi Above and Below the Water”

  1. Denis wrote:

    Looks pretty good. Though you need to add some commentary and then Attenborough better watch out.

  2. Kendall wrote:

    That’s just what the world needs: my David Attenborough impression!

  3. tk wrote:

    human steady cam, awesome!

    i think you need to find better spots with crystal clear waters like sipadan or cebu. even samui’s clearer than krabi.

  4. Kendall wrote:

    Haha, yes, I’m using iMovie and its stabilisation works well sometimes but can’t really be used if the camera is moving because it starts to warp the background. Also, because I wasn’t able to see the camera’s viewfinder I had to film zoomed out and then try to zoom in post-processing, which exaggerates the shakiness. There’s a whole new world of problems to watch out for in video!

  5. Kate wrote:

    Gorgeous – makes me want to go diving right now!

  6. Kendall wrote:

    I’m looking forward to trying a SCUBA course next time – snorkeling just results in drinking too much sea water!

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