Four Islands in One Day

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  1. tk wrote:

    you are missing some interesting photo/video opportunity during snorkeling. i got myself a temp soft shell water housing for my point-n-shoot, works ok, but bobbing on the surface with the cam rocking a bit in the housing makes shitty pictures/videos.

    you can now get pretty damn good dunk proof point n shoot at affordable prices, like these:

    makes me want to revisit that place again for a sunny holiday. next time, i’m bringing a spear along because those parrot fish is damn tasty grilled.

  2. Kendall wrote:

    I know, being able to shoot underwater would be great, but I’m hesitant to invest in gear I’ll only use once or twice a year. Maybe I can put my 400D in a zip-loc bag :)

  3. tk wrote:

    i thought so too but somedays you just want to carry around a compact. these little buggers pack quite a punch even for semi-serious photography, casual outings or just daily snaps.

    the ones i got do look like a beefed up ziplock bag with molded plastics with screws and a tube with a clear glass. very dodgy looking. but after trying it in a tub of water with a piece of paper for like an hour, turns out ok.

    for compacts…

    and if u like to live life dangerously, they do have them in DSLR + flash sized ones..

  4. Kendall wrote:

    They really do seem like plastic bags. Interesting, I’ll look into it – we’re planning to go back in a few months.

  5. Kate wrote:

    Hey Kendall
    Looks great! We just got back from Cuba – also excellent beaches and diving – to add to the comments on underwater photos we have an olympus U (mu)-tough. Little point and shoot but it takes great photos in and out of the water to 10m.

  6. Kendall wrote:

    Thanks for the info, Kate – I’ll have a look at that camera too. Will you post some of your photos?

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