Spiders and butterflies and lizards, oh my!

As I’m sure I’ve already mentioned, the amount of tiny wildlife at the Rivertime Resort near the Nam Ngum River was astonishing. The little creatures don’t sit still long enough for a hack like me to take decent photographs, but here are a few of the less blurry ones. At the end you’ll see some of the fresh vegetables picked from the river bank. I couldn’t tell you what these are, nor even whether I actually ate any of them, but since all of the food served was delicious, I can only concluded that these were too.

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  1. Shelyn

    Your posts make me miss Laos even more! I’m glad to find someone who shares the same experience of staying in Rivertime Resort. We were told that we were the only guests in Rivertime Resort during our stay there. So we thought Rivertime Resort probably not that popular. I like your pictures of the little wildlife, perhaps I should have spent more time in observing and appreciating the nature of Laos.

  2. chentong

    Hi, I am the editor of U life City magazine.We are finding the photo of Rivertime Resort and Ecolodge for our recently special topic.Does the full name of rivertime resort in your photo is “Rivertime Resort and Ecolodge” which is 29 kilometers from Vientiane? If it is,could you do me a favor to send any photo of rivertime resort and ecolodge to me?
    thanks a lot

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