Floating restaurant with built-in swimming pool


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  1. Philip Gibson

    This is a really well put together site. The insect photographs are very good, too. Well done!

    Thanks for the kind comments about our resort and the food in our restaurant. The most recent review on Trip Advisor mentioned that our cutlery was rusty. We immediately went to check and found there were tiny, almost invisible, black spots on about 1 in 100 cutlery pieces, so we removed those pieces. However, just this one negative comment in an otherwise positive review resulted in an immediate and sharp drop off in our reservations (who would want to eat with rusty cutlery?) since it seems most people only read the latest review.

    Since you seem to have gotten a lot out of your stay at Rivertime, I wonder if you might be so kind as to post any positive comments you may have on Trip Advisor.

    Kind regards,

  2. Toni

    Really Interesting. Thanks for the Info. I love your site.

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